BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — For many carwashes, particularly in Northern regions, the winter season means some of the busiest days of the year are ahead.

In this week’s video, featured on, 47ABC’s Michelle Mackonochie went to Soft Touch Car Wash, located in Salisbury, Maryland, to see what it takes to successfully operate a carwash following a snowstorm.

When Mackonochie in the video asked Lew Marshall, who is the owner of the carwash, what she was expected to do, he replied, “We are going to try to give you the full experience of working at a carwash after a snowstorm — some of our busiest times of the year.”

In the video, Machonochie exclaimed, “Lew wasn’t kidding about being busy; the line of cars was a mile long. Boy, did I have my work cut out for me.”

Marshall explained in the video that speed is crucial, noting that during this busy time of the year, a carwash may have to wash 40 cars in an hour.

You can watch this week’s video, and learn more about Machonochie’s day at Soft Touch Car Wash, here.

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