BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In past editions of Carwash eNews¸ we have followed the success of one waterless carwash operated by University of North Carolina (UNC) students. You can find one example of past coverage here.

Waterless Buddy’s uses a water-free, environmentally friendly product containing a wash-wax sealant formula, which enables the carwash employees, known as Buddy’s, to remove grime from a vehicle using a microfiber towel.

In this week’s video, featured on WNCN’s website,, Austin Helms and Randy Short, two UNC seniors who run the on-demand carwash, explain how their successful operation works.

“[Customers] hit ‘schedule a wash,’ [and then] they tell us where they are, what [cars] they have, their license plate [numbers], things like that. They can pay right online, and then one of our Buddy’s goes out, [he or she washes] the car exactly where [the customer] parked,” said Short, who is the chief financial buddy, in the video. “We send you a before and after picture, and it’s as easy as that.”

In the article accompanying the video, Helms described Waterless Buddy’s as an “Uber for carwashing.”

You can also watch the video, and read the article, here.

Also, check out a promo of Waterless Buddy’s below, which is also featured on the carwash’s website and YouTube channel.

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