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Video of the week: Carwash car crash dashcam video goes viral

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A customer’s dashcam records footage of a conveyor backup and crash.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Unfortunately, all carwashes are liable to auto-related accidents, and one case that happens more frequently that you’d think is that cars get stuck in the wash.

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Whether it’s malfunctioning equipment or a stalled car, a backup in a conveyor carwash puts your customers’ safety at risk, and customers are always quick to blame the carwash.

According to, in this video, which went viral and accumulated over 90,000 views in just three days, a customer at a Delta Sonic Car Wash had his dashcam recording from his truck as he went through the wash.

The video begins in a pre-wash bay, and the owner uses subtitles to narrate the incident retroactively.

It shows a woman’s car stalled out in the adjacent bay, but when she gets it running again, she pulls in front of the dashcam owner’s truck in the carwash line.


At the end of the tunnel, her car stalls again, causing the narrator’s truck to impact hers; the narrator explains that an SUV summarily hits him from behind, jostling the stalled car off the track and letting them all exit, but not without damage to all three vehicles.

You can read the original article and watch the video here.

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