LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — According to, John Aaron Rees Jr., owner of Genesis Auto Wash, is hoping to solve a crime committed at his business using a movie trailer.

Rees Jr. stated that two suspects came to the carwash and fired several gunshots into the glass of the building, the article noted.

In order to promote awareness of the incident and encourage others to help identify the criminals, Rees Jr. took the surveillance footage of the incident and turned it into an entertaining movie trailer, the article added.

“I got the footage off the computer and put it into iMovie and put together kind of a funny but not really super serious [online video]. I want to catch these guys. For people like me who work hard every day … expenses like that add up, and I can’t imagine coming into someone’s business and vandalizing — shooting up their windows — and then leaving,” said Rees.

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