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Video of the week: In the carwash with the top down

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Two Australian radio show hosts drive through a carwash with the top down just for kicks.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Most people would think it common sense to make sure the top of a convertible is up before driving through the carwash.

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However, according to, two Australian radio show hosts, known as Hamish and Andy, recently sold all of their bitcoin for the sole purpose of buying an old SAAB convertible to ride through the carwash … with the top down.

Riding through the carwash in naught but their goggles and swim trunks, these two quirky guys receive the same wash treatment as their car.

While no carwash owner would recommend doing this, given the dangers it presents to the occupants, the two knew what they were in for, and they stay in high spirits for the entire ride.


As a bonus, they also love how clean the car looks at the end too.

Read the original article and watch the video here.

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