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Video of the Week: Early voting at the carwash

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — With the 2016 election almost upon us, one carwash is getting an early voting look.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — With the 2016 election almost upon us, we can’t seem to get away from politics.

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Not even at the carwash, it seems.

According to, Classy Chassis Car Wash in Pierce County, Washington, is getting an early voting look, where people cast a ballot with their dirty cars.

The wash bays of this self-serve carwash have been outfitted with banners for Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton (although there are also bays for third-party and undecided voters).

Customers wash their cars in one of the respective bays to designate who they’ll vote for.

You can also watch the video here.

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