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With dry conditions impacting not only many North American cities, but also several areas throughout the world, more and more water restrictions are being implemented.

Featured on Global News’ website, this week’s video covers the stage three water restrictions implemented in Vancouver, Canada, and how they are affecting local businesses.

The article accompanying the video reports that “business is good for many carwashes, which can operate under the current [stage three] water restrictions because they typically use recycled water and are on timers. Splashes, a South Surrey carwash, says the number of vehicles driving through has increased by a third now that washing cars at home is not allowed.”

However, if the drought conditions get worse, this increase in business will come to a halt.

“While the [water] restrictions have meant good things for carwashes, it has them on edge too,” said the Global News reporter in the video. “If stage four kicks, in they will be forced to shut down.”

You can also find this week’s video and article here.

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