Wage theft violations cost California carwash company over $200k
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Wage theft violations cost California carwash over $200k

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Workers affected by wage theft from Classic Castle Car Wash Inc. were paid over $200k in reimbursed wages from the California Labor Commissioners Office on Oct. 4 reported Press-Telegram.

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An investigation by the state found several wage and labor violations including a failure to pay workers minimum and overtime wages as well as asking employees to stay on-site without pay during slow hours.

It was reported that Classic Castle Car Wash Inc. and its businesses, Klassic Car Wash & Detail Center and Castle Carwash, are no longer operating.

A total of $282,000 was paid to 22 former Classic Castle employees and $53,000 was paid to the state for civil penalties.

These violations were brought to the California Department of Industrial Relations (CDIR) by CLEAN Car Wash Worker Center, a coalition of Southern California carwashers that advocates for carwash employee’s rights.


“This partnership with the CLEAN Car Wash Worker Center was just so critical for us as an enforcement agency,” said Labor Commissioner Lilia García-Brower, “Because these trusted partners have the confidence and trust of the community, and they’re a bridge for us.”

The CDIR had been investigating Classic Castle Car Wash since 2017.

“Wage theft affected me not only financially, but emotionally and mentally,” said Anselmo Leyva Hernandez, a former Kastle Car Wash employee. “It can be very difficult to speak up to the owner when you’re experiencing wage theft. I’m very glad we had the courage to speak up, and I know it will inspire other people in a similar situation.”


The Labor Commissioner’s office encourages carwash workers to document hours thoroughly and to reach out to them or the CLEAN Car Wash Worker Center if they’re concerned about their carwash’s working conditions.

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