WASHINGTON — According to www.wtop.com, warm temperatures the weekend of Jan. 20-21 caused a spike in carwashing.

For instance, the article continued, at Germantown Auto Spa in Montgomery County, Maryland, at least 500 people washed their cars on Saturday.

Marketing Director Cheryl Hanes and Manager Zach Grimnes had to direct traffic outside due to the heavy numbers, the article noted; the line of cars even wound around the adjacent gas station.

“It was fantastic; the perfect storm of events created it,” Grimnes said.

At 5 p.m. that day, the wait was around half an hour from start to finish, the article stated.

According to Hanes, the carwash has seen these sorts of crowds since the recent cold spell in the D.C. area let up, the article added.

“We are going to have a record-breaking weekend at all of our auto spas,” Hanes said.

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