BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Splash Car Wash was named the third top place to work by its employees in the midsize brand category of the annual Hearst CT Top Workplaces survey, according to the Connecticut Post.

The 34-year-old carwash’s owner, Mark Curtis, opened the wash after answering a classified ad in The New York Times, which outlined a business opportunity, stated the article.

Curtis convinced his longtime friend, Chris Fisher, to become a business partner, reported the article, and opened Splash Car Wash in 1981.

“We knew nothing about carwashing and learned the hard way,” said Curtis in the article. “We made every mistake three times just to make sure it was a mistake and then finally figured it out.”

The carwash now operates 19 locations, added the article.

“It’s a great industry to be in, but there are certainly challenges and we are really subject to the weather, which makes it extraordinarily difficult to maintain a steady workforce,” stated Curtis in the article.

Despite the difficulty to retain employees, Splash Car Wash ranked third in the midsized group for the annual survey, continued the article.

“We give them the reason why their [jobs are] so important to the success of the organization, because everyone who is there is critical to the success of the operation,” explained Curtis in the article. “If the windows are clean and tires shined, but we don’t vacuum the car well, the customer is still dissatisfied. Each person that is involved in the process from start to finish is critical.”

Curtis asserted that Splash Car Wash “prides itself for holding one of the highest worker retention rates in the field,” noted the article.

“I think sometimes companies forget to let their workers know how important they are for a successful outcome,” said Curtis in the article. “Their failure [and] their success [are] our fault. Two of the four guys that were there in 1994 are still here washing cars today.”

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