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Wash noise complaint from 2011 proves expensive

BRISTOL, ENGLAND — A manager is on the hook for inspection and legal costs after neighbors file a second noise complaint.


BRISTOL, ENGLAND — A carwash here faces a large legal obligation after the high-pitched noise coming from its jet wash sparked neighbors to complain again, this is Bristol reported.

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The May 18 story stated that Mario’s Car Wash was first given a noise abatement notice in 2011 after the city council found the wash’s volume was higher than legal limits and caused a nuisance.

The business continued to operate even though they did not correct the problem, so an environmental health officer returned and took new noise readings in the house of a neighbor who had complained. The officer found the “noise was at a level that would be disturbing and prevent normal, everyday living.”

At an earlier hearing, the carwash’s manager Mario Tancos, admitted to failing to comply with the abatement notice. Tancos’ solicitor said he had tried to rectify the problem, but he needed to keep the business running and making money to do so.


The total cost of the work done to the carwash cost about 5,000 pounds and this put the business at a loss of 6,000 pounds during the last financial year.

The magistrates imposed a one year conditional discharge on Tancos and ordered he pay the investigation and legal costs, which amounted to more than 728 pounds.


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