DALLAS — Jim Edwards, 74, leases a spot in Vintage Car Wash to shine shoes, DallasNews.com reported.

The Jan. 18 story stated that Edwards has been shining shoes since the early 1980s in California and Texas. Today, a typical shoeshine will cost a customer $7 to $9 and will take five to seven minutes.

Cold ice, hot profits

Edwards uses a chair that is jacked up so he can work on the shoes without straining. He keeps a newspaper nearby so customers can catch up on the day’s news and sports scores.

For many reasons, Edwards worries that shining shoes will become a lost art. “You know, it’s a different age,” he said in the story. “People want money. Most people have the wrong attitude. They probably think shining shoes is the lowest you ought to go, but it’s all in the way you think about things. Some may think this is not a pretty job. It’s not being a doctor, a lawyer or professional.”

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“What you do with your hands, you do it because you like the way it’s done,” he continued in the story. “You like to step back and look at what you’ve changed. I take pride in what I do. If that’s there, then you’re gonna do your best.”

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