Wash Talk ep. 106: Leading Women in Carwash — Lanese Barnett

Wash Talk ep. 106: Leading Women in Carwash — Lanese Barnett

Amplify Car Wash Advisors' VP of business development provides insights on how she has been successful as a leading woman in carwash.

In the U.S., the month of March is celebrated as Women’s History Month — which is the perfect opportunity to honor leading women in carwash on WashTalk: The Carwash Podcast.

Our fourth Leading Women in Carwash guest is Lanese Barnett, the vice president of business development for Amplify Car Wash Advisors. Join Lanese and Wash Talk Host Camille Renner in their discussion about Lanese’s role at Amplify, what has helped her in her professional journey and trends she has noticed as a woman in carwashing.

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