Wash Talk ep. 115: Mint Eco Car Wash expansion plans

Wash Talk ep. 115: Mint Eco Car Wash expansion plans

An audio airing of PC&D's Unscripted episode 65 featuring the co-founders of Florida-based Mint Eco Car Wash.

This week, we are streaming an episode of Unscripted, the video interview series that connects you to market leaders, on Wash Talk: The Carwash Podcast. Unscripted episode 65 features Mint Eco Car Wash’s co-founder and CEO, Geoff Jervis, and co-founder and president, Vic Monteleone.

This interview takes place after the recent news of Minto Eco’s $150 million expansion plan in Palm Beach County, Florida. Host Rich DiPaolo gathers more insights about the carwash chain’s growth trajectory in this episode.

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