Wash Talk Ep. 11: The Potential of IBAs - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Wash Talk Ep. 11: The Potential of IBAs

Jeremiah Hruby of Petit Auto Wash and Jason Hayes of Leadership Industries discuss all things IBA, including pros and cons and operational best practices.

Sponsored by Petit Auto Wash

This episode of Wash Talk is sponsored by Petit Auto Wash. Since 1989, Petit Auto Wash has manufactured the Accutrac line of auto wash equipment. Introduced in 2009, the patented 360-series carwash equipment features industry-leading cleaning ability, reduced water consumption and extremely low maintenance for both tunnel and IBA applications.

On this episode of Wash Talk, our host, Senior Editor Meagan Kusek, spoke with Jeremiah Hruby, sales manager at Petit Auto Wash, and Jason Hayes, carwash coach and trainer and CEO of Leadership Industries.

They discussed the potential of in-bay automatics’ place in the growth of our industry, including their pros and cons as well as operational best practices. 

 For more information about their companies, visit www.petitautowash.com and www.leadershipind.com.

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