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Wash Talk Ep. 8: Flow and Grow with Site Design

This episode of Wash Talk is an audio reading of the article “Flow and grow with site design” by Rich DiPaolo that was featured in our December 2019 issue. The article discusses how to choose and design an A-plus carwash location.

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In this article, DiPaolo spoke with industry experts:

  • Jeff Gilger, partner and vice president of development for Express Wash Concepts
  • Robert Andre, vice president of customer success for Sonny’s Enterprises
  • Eric Hathaway, chief of design for Modernwash
  • Andrea Neil, chief financial officer/vice president of Kwik Industries Inc.
  • Javier Rodriguez, executive vice president of The Wash Tub Car Wash and Detail.

You can read the transcript of this podcast here.

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