NORWALK, Ohio — After a recent leak at a Milan Avenue carwash, state officials say the business will no longer use the chemical that seeped into a nearby creek, according to the Norwalk Reflector.

Emergency responders found the winter car polish had traveled from the Super Wash to Rattlesnake Creek on Jan. 23, noted the article.

Firefighters used hydrocarbon booms to absorb some of the toxic water from the creek, stated the article.

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Ohio Environmental Protection Agency officials visited the creek and the carwash Feb. 5, reported the article. They talked to the wash’s management about how to prevent an accident from happening again.

Piping near the wash will also be redirected to the sanitary sewer, said the article.

Public Works Director Josh Snyder shared in the article he wasn’t aware of fines levied against the carwash for the spill.

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