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Wash Wisdom: 10 tips to prevent your carwash from being burglarized

Keep crime to a minimum with these prevention practices.

As the news stories from Professional Carwashing & Detailing show, carwashes are, unfortunately, no strangers to being burglarized.

According to the article “10 Tips to Prevent Burglaries at Your Small Business” by contributor Rob Starr on www.smallbiztrends.com, small businesses are, in fact, four times more likely to be burglarized than homes. With these facts in mind, here are 10 ways to help prevent your carwash from being burglarized:

  • Place inventory tactically. If you have a c-store or other retail outlet, keep your store’s inventory organized and keep more valuable items away from the windows. Or, if you must display these items in the windows, set them back further in the store after closing.
  • Have a security system in place. Your storefront, which is one of the most vulnerable access points, should have both an alarm system in place and security cameras well-positioned. Also, consider keeping an operation identification sticker on your front door to let burglars know that the doors are alarmed.
  • Use reinforced glass. Using tempered or laminated glass over the traditional kind helps deter smash-and-grab thefts. Even though these types of glass will eventually break, it takes several strikes, which creates a loud enough noise and gives others enough time to hear the burglary happening.
  • Use bars and locks. Having bars on the windows in the back of your store also discourages burglars. Furthermore, use double-cylinder deadbolts that require using a key on both sides of the door to discourage thieves from hiding inside your shop and waiting until everyone has gone.
  • Keep safes visible. While it might seem counterintuitive to place safes in the front of the store rather than hiding them in the back, it’s actually better to keep safes in a place where any suspicious after-hours activity can be seen from the street. Furthermore, keep safes bolted to the floor, and keep as little cash in them as possible overnight.
  • Keep well-lit. You should not only keep the interior of your store well-lit, but keep the exterior and parking lot illuminated as well so that security camera footage is easier to see.
  • Keep your landscaping well-maintained. Keeping your lawns and sidewalks manicured and cleaned lets burglars know that someone is always around. Also, keep your hedges, especially those near windows, trimmed to prevent burglars from using them as hiding spaces.
  • Establish sight lines. Again, while it might seem counterintuitive, keeping cash registers and computers visible from the street allows police officers to keep an eye on them as they patrol the area. In addition, leaving cash register drawers open at night deters criminals.
  • Utilize security cameras. Security cameras not only help deter crime, but they can provide a record for if it does happen. Furthermore, they’re not just useful in the after-hours. During hours of operation, you’ll also be able to keep track of employee and customer activities.
  • Seek out professional advice. When looking for the right combination of security and surveillance systems to use, be sure to seek out advice from security experts who can fit you with the right models for your business needs.

Read the original article here.

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