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Wash Wisdom: 4 pillars of crisis management

When negative press affects your reputation, how do you handle it?


In this age of widespread internet and social media usage, getting news and information is easier and quicker than ever. However, on the same token, it’s just as easy for anyone to post news and information, whether true, false, positive or negative about you, and that news can spread fast and affect your reputation. What can you do in the event of a public relations crisis?

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According to ReputationManagement.com, crisis management is a professional strategy meant to allay the damage caused by a public relations and reputation problem. The website has created an infographic detailing the four pillars of crisis management: monitoring, being proactive, taking action, and reviewing and learning.

According to the infographic, 59 percent of businesses have experienced a crisis, but only 54 percent have a plan to counteract it. Check it out below to learn more about how to tackle such a problem.

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