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Wash Wisdom: Enhancing holiday promotions

Be creative during the holiday season with different marketing tactics.

According to the article “3 holiday marketing tips for your business” by contributor David Simanoff on www.businessadministrationinformation.com, as a small business, you don’t need a huge budget to set yourself apart from your larger competition during the holiday season. Here are three tips Simanoff provides for getting your business some extra traction during the season by enhancing holiday promotions:

  • Utilize what makes you different. As a small business, you have a special relationship with your customers. Utilize that relationship and create a marketing message that will both stand out from the dozens of other messages they’re receiving and resonate with them. Whether your business specializes in adding a personal touch or giving a one-of-a-kind experience, make sure your customers know it.
  • Use social media. While there’s no problem using emails and mailers, you want to be sure that your holiday promotions marketing lives on social media, since that’s where your customers will be. Be sure you’ve done enough research to target your posts and tweets. Make sure your social messages set you apart, generate authentic interest in your services and create an emotional resonance with customers. Furthermore, keep your message short and to the point, and always insert a graphical or video element to grab customers’ attention.
  • Use creative marketing. Your marketing doesn’t have to be limited to just messages. Think outside the box and use some different strategies. Simanoff suggests, for instance:
    • Set up a kids’ activity table to keep them engaged.
    • Offer snacks.
    • Advertise somewhere you haven’t before.
    • Work out promotional deals with other small businesses (that aren’t competitors).
    • Offer free products or samples.

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Whatever ideas you come up with, make sure your budget allows for them, and measure their success rate so that you know what holiday promotions to use (or not use) again for the next set festive season.

Read the original article here.

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