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Wash Wisdom: Spring cleaning your business

Declutter your business to encourage growth.


According to the article “Small Business, Big Lessons: Spring Cleaning” by contributor Gregory Wolosczcuk on www.chapelboro.com, spring cleaning isn’t just an opportunity reserved for the home — it should be brought into your business as well. Keeping your workplace tidy not only frees up physical space of clutter and prevents warming-weather issues, but it will leave your mind clear of some stress as well. Build a list, however long it needs to be, and keep it handy for an annual cleaning (be sure to mark your calendar). Wolosczcuk notes some areas of your business that could probably use some spring cleaning:

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  • Maintenance: As a carwash owner, while you should already be keeping up with your carwash equipment maintenance, make sure you take the time to look over the general maintenance of your facility as well. Before it gets too warm, have your HVAC inspected and any refrigeration equipment maintained. The common problems of worn belts, plugged filters or low refrigeration always seem to crop up on the hottest days. Like all equipment, preventative maintenance prevents bigger, more stressful problems down the road. In addition, if your business owns any vehicles, check the tires and fluids to make sure they are at optimum levels.
  • Pruning: It’s not just time to take care of your landscaping (which you should also plan to do), but it’s time to prune away unnecessary clutter as well. Clear out dead inventory by chucking it or donating it; clear out old, unused assets; take note of stock that has been replaced or become redundant; and shred any records you’ve kept past their retention date. Clearing out the old will allow your business room for development, just as pruning back dead branches provides room for new growth.
  • Cleaning and decorating: Does your business have a regular schedule for cleaning? When was the last time you wiped down the windows, cleared the awnings or washed the floors? When was the last time you did a thorough deep clean of your business or updated it with a fresh coat of paint? If you have signage or window displays, be sure to remove any outdated marketing materials. Furthermore, your clean-up efforts should also extend to your website. Look to see if there are any aspects of the user experience or design that you can improve, and test it thoroughly for dead links.

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