NEW YORK — Employees that are picketing Sunny Day Car Wash here gained a small victory in court yesterday, the New York Daily News reported.

The Nov. 13 story stated that the immigrant workers walked off their jobs at the carwash claiming their boss had not paid them in weeks. More than a dozen men began picketing in front of the carwash on Tuesday.

Another NY carwash votes to unionize

It all started Sunday when the workers decided not to show up in protest. The manager texted them all on Monday to say they were fired. Tuesday, when the picketing began, a manager called the police and the workers stopped blocking the entrance but continued protesting.

Eventually, each worker went into the manager’s office and came out with a check for one week’s pay. Even so, the workers have vowed to picket until they are paid in full.

NYSCWA meeting to cover labor laws/unionization

On Nov. 14, the newspaper reported that Sunny Day’s owner filed papers in Bronx Supreme Court arguing the pickets were hurting business and causing safety issues. He asked for a temporary restraining order to keep picketers 50 feet from the carwash.

Judge Julia Roberts turned down the request and refused to schedule a hearing stating that she could not legally get involved in the labor dispute at this point.

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