CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — If there is not major rain here soon, city officials expect tighter water restrictions to take effect in May, KRIS reported.

The Feb. 4 story stated that Mr. Fancy Pants carwash is doing its part to conserve water during the drought. The wash uses technology to recycle water in two different ways.

Wash owner installed water tank during drought

First, the wash uses its RO reject water in different chemical mixtures for cleaning and preliminary rinsing. Next, the company reclaims water and uses it to clean vehicle undercarriages.

“It takes about 30 gallons to wash a car. And we’re saving I’d say around 8 gallons or so per car,” Tommy Northcutt with Mr. Fancy Pants said in the story.

Reclaim for the future

Due to the continuing drought, lake levels are at 38 percent, the story noted. If the lakes get down to 30 percent, stage three restrictions will take effect.

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