SOLON, Ohio — Carwash fundraisers are a great chance for a charitable organization to raise money, but they need to be done in a way that is safe for the environment, according to a press release.

"The average-sized vehicle can be washed anytime, anywhere, with only one gallon of water and one fluid ounce of Washdrops,” notes the release.

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Washdrops, for the third year in a row, won the 2014 Green Product of the Year from AutoWorld, and is a leader in eco-friendly washing, the release states.

The price to wash each vehicle, continues the release, is 70 cents, meaning a charity group can raise a considerable amount of funds for their cause using Washdrops.

As a special offer, Washdrops is offering $2 off of the retail price with a coupon code for fundraiser programs. The code can be found in the full press release.

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