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Washington relaxes restrictions against carwashes

SEATTLE — According to, as part of phase 1 of Gov. Jay Inslee’s Safe Start plan to reopen Washington state, carwashes are allowed to reopen, provided they follow strict guidelines.

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Gov. Inslee announced the new guidance on Thursday, May 7th, and that same day, Brown Bear Car Wash, which has 51 tunnel and self-serve operations in the state, announced it would reopen on May 8th, the article continued.

According to the article, the requirements by which carwashes must abide include:

  • Educating workers about coronavirus and how to prevent transmission
  • Maintaining six feet of distance between employees and customers at all times or establishing barriers if people must be in close proximity
  • Providing personal protective equipment to employees
  • Ensuring there is frequent hand washing/sanitizing and disinfecting of often-touched surfaces happening
  • Screening employees for signs of coronavirus prior to the start of their shifts, including taking their temperatures, and sending home any who are ill or show symptoms.

Each site should designate a coronavirus supervisor to monitor the health of employees and enforce the above restrictions, the article noted.

The guidance also says that employees should create a daily log of all customers when there are face-to-face interactions, including getting those customers’ contact information, and maintaining that log for 30 days in order to help with contact tracing should someone associated with the carwash get sick, the article stated.


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