DENVER — ASLAN Companies used a PVC concrete forming system to build and finish the walls of a vehicle wash here, according to a press release.

The Oct. 25 release stated that system uses PVC walls that are assembled on-site and filled with concrete. The built-in finish eliminates the need for other cladding, protection or paint, and it protects the walls from the corrosive chemicals, moisture and heat common in carwashes.

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According to the release, the extended life of the walls will reduce the long-term carbon footprint of the business. “Durability might not scream ‘green design’ like solar panels or reclaimed lumber but for us, it is huge,” Aaron Voorhees, president of ASLAN said in the release. “The most sustainable building, after all, is the one still standing.”

Concrete walls are also known to be energy efficient, and the bright finish can reduce lighting requirements as well.

Read the entire press release here.