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Washworld adds on Australian distributor

PORT MELBOURNE, Australia — Shiners Car Wash Systems in now part of the company's International Distributors' network.

PORT MELBOURNE, Australia — Washworld Inc. has added on the Australian-based Shiners Car Wash Systems to their International Distributors' network, according to a company press release.

The press release stated that Shiners joins current Australian distributor CTSI.

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Founder and CEO Richard Davison stated in the press release, “After we opened one of the very first multi-bay self-service carwashes built in Australia in 1993, a site we still own and operate today, our business expanded into distribution. We subsequently sold and installed many self-serve systems and added touch-free automatics to our product line in 2000. We have now supplied and installed over 200 automatic wash systems in Australia.”

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Washworld, which is based in DePere, WI, also has distributors in Ireland and the Netherlands.

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