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Water crisis shuts down carwashes

HAZARD, Ky. — Carwashes are worried how they’re going to pay the bills due to the extended shutdown.


HAZARD, Ky. — According to, the city of Hazard is suffering a water crisis for the second winter in a row.

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As a result, a new city ordinance forced carwashes and laundromats to shut down until further notice, the article continued.

Zack Harmon, manager at Big Kahuna Car Wash, was devastated by the news, as he was hopeful the carwash would have its best weekend ever following the polar vortex, the article noted.

“We probably turned away 300 to 350 cars Saturday,” said Harmon. “We were going to have our best weekend of the year, our best business day ever.”

Harmon has been in constant contact with Judge Executive Scott Alexander, but the carwash has not received any communication from the city itself, the article stated.

According to Harmon, Alexander first told him that the shut down would last for only 12 hours, the article added.

However, it has been over 120 hours since the carwash was told to cease operations, the article noted.

“It’s just going to be hard on all of us … not just the Big Kahuna Car Wash but all the carwashes in town and the laundromats. It’s just going to be hard on all the workers,” said Harmon.

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