TULSA, Okla. — EcoGreen Mobile Detailing LLC is the only waterless mobile detailing business in Oklahoma, according to Tulsa Business & Legal News.

DJ Patterson, owner, reported that the mobile detailing company uses a carwash solution utilizing less than one pint of water per car, stated the article, which saves over 100 gallons of water per vehicle compared to competitors.

“I like taking the vehicle and transforming it until it looks new again, seeing the customer’s face and even more so, doing it with plant-based products and being environmentally conscious as well,” said Patterson in the article.

Patterson, who “is passionate about the sustainability movement,” assures the products his business uses are 100 percent nonabrasive, continued the article, and he also guarantees that a vehicle’s paint will never be scratched during the wash/detail process.

“Our process safely removes dirt, and the cars stay cleaner longer because of the polymers in the products we use,” stated Patterson in the article. “I think waterless carwashes are the wave of the future.”

Patterson, 27, started his career in the car care industry by working at a local detail shop when he was 14, informed the article.

“My first job was working in a full-service detail shop, and I developed a love for cars,” explained Patterson in the article. “One thing I learned is people were getting busier and busier, and there was a need for mobility.”

In 2010, reported the article, Patterson went from working full-time to owning his own business, and for the first few years he worked out of his car’s trunk.

Today, added the release, Patterson owns three trucks and has four employees as well as serves on the advisory board of the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s Small Business Connection.

His mobile business includes interior steam cleaning, killing germs and bacteria for a deep clean, continued the article, and Eco Green Mobile Detailing also will service by appointment any type and size of vehicle around Tulsa and offers fleet and group detailing services for RVs, motorcycles, boats and even planes.

Patterson is planning to expand his detailing business to Oklahoma City, reported the article, and hopes to offer his waterless, custom cleaning services throughout the industry.

“We want to offer this program industrywide [so] other businesses can participate,” said Patterson in the article.

EcoGreen Mobile Detailing also partners with Water4.org, noted the article, which is an organization dedicated to helping water-deprived communities learn how to provide/sustain their own clean drinking water.

“Because we save so much water, we want to give back and help the water crisis around the world,” shared Patterson in the article. “Our efforts are nothing if we aren’t doing something with the water we are saving.”

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