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Waterless wash system spreading in England

KENT, ENGLAND — A Hands On carwash requires no electricity and just two liters of water to clean a car.

KENT, ENGLAND — Hands On carwash has been recognized here for its business concept that shows proper understanding of safeguarding the environment, according to The Reporter.

The Nov. 1 story stated that a Hands On carwash requires just two liters of water to clean a car. And, with water demands growing in England, the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability has won it a number of green awards.

Man hopes waterless washing will help homeless

Currently, the eco-friendly company has carwash sites at 160 parking lots across the United Kingdom. “People come to us for the convenience factor. We can wash your car in the place where you park your car while you are doing your shopping. That’s the whole basis of the model,” Bob Dine, Hands On commercial director, said in the story.

The stations are manned by self-employed workers, and they use specialized cleaning equipment and a low-chemical detergent to clean the cars. Microfiber mitts pick up dirt and buff the paintwork. The service requires no electricity and has virtually a zero carbon footprint.

Waterless detailing franchise to take part in expo

There are 1,200 carwashers in England who have been trained to use the Hands On method. As a franchisee, these individuals can buy into the service and own the carwash station.

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