Dear Reader,

For this special edition e-newsletter, we here at Professional Carwashing & Detailing decided to take on a hot topic as of late amongst members of the carwashing industry. That topic, is the $3 express carwash. Some think it’s a good idea, while others do not. We decided to ask two industry experts to let us in on their views of the $3 express carwash. Paul Fazio, president of Sonny’s Enterprises, and Ryan Essenburg, chief operating officer of Tommy Car Wash Systems, both wrote opinion pieces, and they’re sharing their point of view with you to read. We invite you all to openly discuss their points of view, as well as yours, on our bulletin board. While Essenburg offered advice to those considering opening, or switching to a $3 express wash, Fazio believes the $3 wash model is forcing other carwash formats to change with the new value proposition.

Also, please let us know what you think of our special e-Newsletter and what you would like to see in future special edition newsletters.

Debra Gorgos
Managing Editor
[email protected]