As Ivan Pavlov and his dogs have taught us, we can become preconditioned to react a certain way to certain sounds, smells, etc. Falling in line with the Pavlov’s Dogs theory, I too, act a certain way when I hear the words: New Year’s Resolutions. Along with revulsion, I also make the face of someone who had just consumed something sour. The idea of coming up with a resolution is repellant, and the idea of keeping them is even more off putting.  New Year’s Resolutions often don’t work because the pressure for perfection is just too much to bear.

Instead of calling them “resolutions,” why don’t we call them something a little more friendly? How about: Objectives? Intentions? Goals? Plans for success? So, what are your intentions for the upcoming year? Do you have some written out? They can be as simple as keeping your grounds clean to installing equipment to help with increasing car counts. Are your goals realistic and accompanied by achievable steps. Do you have a clause in your outline that allow for road bumps, miscalculations or misguided advice and assistance? For instance, if your goal is to install a new sign, set out a list of steps needed to achieve this. Give general timelines, too. In January, you will look at other business signs to get ideas of what you want. In February, you will look up different signage companies. In March, you will come up with how you want your sign to look…etc.

This issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing is chockfull of ideas for your business for the upcoming year. From water treatment solutions, to signage, to LED lighting, to our cover story on trends and the state of the industry, use this issue as a resource for tips and ideas and as a blueprint for your list of intentions.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa,Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, Saint Nicholas Day, Boxing Day and/or Omisoka, we here at the magazine wish you and yours a joyous holiday and a happy, profitable and healthy 2014. 

Until next year,


Debra S. Gorgos