Create an “ultimate” package that groups all your special services, at a discount.

Bundles are appealing to your customers because:

  • They get a lot…for less. Their desires to consume, and save, are satisfied simultaneously.
  • Bundles make the buying decision simple. Many customers don’t want to put in the effort to differentiate a paste wax vs a paint sealant, or a light detail from a deep cleaning…so they may just choose your “ultimate” offering.

Your “bundle” might look like this:

  • Your basic detail.
  • Plus your most expensive sealant.
  • Plus wheel wax.
  • Plus leather reconditioning.
  • Plus glass repellant.
  • Plus engine detail.
  • Plus fabric sealant.

Bought individually, this might cost $325. But as a bundle…$265.

Can you imagine a lot of your customers saying “yes” to that?

Robert Keppel founded Ace Car Reconditioning in Beaverton, OR, in 2004. He now operates Applied Colors, a Tigard, OR, manufacturer and retailer of automotive reconditioning equipment.