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What good detail shop employees want

There are thousands of potential employees whose only concern is, “How much does it pay?”


Most professional recruiters will tell you that to attract and retain "good" employees at any level requires that attention be paid to several important factors. Time and time again, it has been clearly proven that companies from the corporate IBMs to the local gas stations attract and retain their employees by insuring that these factors are attended to:

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  1. SAFETY: The one number criterion for selecting a job is "Is it safe?" Think about it. How many of us would take a job, at any pay that would jeopardize our safety and health?
  2. SECURITY: The second most important factor is job security. If an employee takes a job and makes a commitment, he wants the security of knowing that the employer will provide him the same commitment.
  3. ADVANCEMENT: Another key factor in hiring and retaining good employees is the opportunity for advancement in the company, both in position and salary .Who wants a dead end job?
  4. MONEY: Many tend to feel this is the most important factor in a person's choice of a job. But while salary may weigh heavily on a person's final decision to take the job, it is not the only or even the most important factor. Only after a person is sure that the job is safe, secure, and that he or she can advance, do they address the wage.
  5. "HOW MUCH DOES IT PAY?” I know there are many readers who will say, "That sounds good, but the people we hire only want to know how much per hour or how much per car?"

All five factors above are absolutely on target. There are thousands, even millions of potential employees whose only concern with a job is, “How much does it pay?" This is the point. It is these kinds of people that we don't want to hire. If they aren't concerned about their safety, security, and chance for advancement, they really don't want a job. All they are looking for is work and a paycheck. That is why the detail business has such a high turnover of employees. The industry, in general, tends to attract and hire these types of people. And as long as it does, it will have a problem with labor.

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