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White car comes out pink after carwash

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. — Carwash chemicals stained an older, light SUV pink, and the owner wanted it fixed.


AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. — According to www.wrdw.com, when Jonathan McGahee, 21, drove his white 1998 For Explorer through a carwash at a Circle K, it came out pink on the other side.

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“Got the $14 package like I always do with the wax and everything. When I got in there, something seemed a little different. The wax seemed highly potent. It was way darker than it normally should be,” McGahee said. “It looked like graffiti art on [my car]. Streaked with pink all over it.”

McGahee claims he scrubbed away at the pink but that it would not clean, the article continued.

In addition, he filed a claim with Circle K’s insurance department, but has not heard anything in the weeks since the incident happened.

“I just want it fixed. I want it white again,” McGahee said.

Lee Richardson, owner of Sparkle Express carwashes, said, “As cars age and the clear-coat on a vehicle fades then you have a chalkboard surface,” adding that older vehicle, particularly light-colored ones, are more apt to soak up a color from carwash chemicals.


Furthermore, Richardson cautioned, any vehicle that is white or silver and older than 10 years or is a late 1990s model (since there was an issue with clear-coats back then) needs to be careful about using chemicals in a carwash, the article noted.

The news station contacted Circle K, the article concluded, and the company followed up with McGahee to see to getting his vehicle fixed; in addition, Sparkle Express told McGahee to bring his vehicle to them because they were sure they could get the pink tint out of the paint.

Read the original story (with photos) here.


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