For over 20 years, Professional Carwashing & Detailing has recognized an outstanding carwash employee, manager, or owner with the Most Valuable Carwasher (MVC) award. Who will receive the award in 2013?  Well, that’s up to you. Do you work with someone who goes above and beyond while on the job? Someone who adds value to the business? Someone who enhances your work experience? If you answered “yes” to any of the aforementioned questions, we are offering you the opportunity to honor them with the 2013 MVC award.

How to submit

          Those who wish to submit nominations can e-mail me, Editor Debra Gorgs at [email protected]. Please put the word “nomination” in the subject line. Nominations will be accepted until June 7.

          Please include the name of the nominee, his or her specific job responsibility, and the name and location of the business. Using no less than 500 words, please go into detail about why this person deserves the award. What do they do that’s beyond their job description? What characteristics make them worth of this award?

          The winner will be announced and featured in the July 2013 issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine, as well as on our website. He or she will also be awarded at the Western Carwash Association Convention & Tradeshow being held September 11, 2013, in San Diego.

The 2012 recipient

          The 2012 Most Valuable Carwasher was chosen for a few significant reasons. According to the nomination submitted by Yvan Lacroix of Répare-brise Inc. in Quebec, Canada, Jose “Joe” Fernandez of Superior Shine in Covina, CA, has extreme “passion” for his work. “His clients,” wrote Lacroix, “range from some of the LA area's most fortuned people, to non-remunerated charity events for churches and nonprofit organizations. His skills as a detailer as impressive as his passion, according to Lacroix and product and chemical suppliers will solicit his expertise to test products before they hit the shelves. His opinion, he said, is treated as gospel.

          A charitable person, Fernandez proudly donates his expertise to non-profits. “Whether he is detailing a Toyota Corolla for his daughter’s teacher, or a million-dollar Bugatti, the passion and pride in his work is the same. He lives to shine!” wrote Lacroix.

          Fernandez also offers free plane detailing services to pilots who give free plane rides to children who are dying. He also served his country in the marines, and to this day, he continues to send care packages to those stationed abroad.

           “On a personal level José is a devout family man, church-goer, and humble to a fault,” said Lacroix. “He has no problems being the brunt of a joke, and in his many conferences and training seminars keeps his audience in stitches with his ever present humor.” Lacroix also noted Fernandez’s perfection and his thirst to learn. “Over the years,” he said, “his reputation as one of our industry's luminaries has elevated him to the status of a superstar in the realm of detailing, but he remains modest and humble despite his overwhelming skill and experience.”