SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Home carwashers are interested in knowing why they’re only allowed to wash their vehicles on Saturday or Sunday, according to the Sacramento Bee.

The rule is part of Sacramento’s emergency measures in order to conserve water during a drought. The reason carwashes are limited to weekends is a matter of practicality.

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“The City Council thought it would be easier for enforcement (to limit carwashing to Saturday or Sunday),” said William Granger, the water conservation administrator in Sacramento.

The rule went into effect on Jan. 14, and on March 9 it switches to an odd-even address number system.

Benchmarking water consumption for water efficiency

Granger said there is a superior alternative to at-home washing. “Even better, use a commercial carwash. These businesses recycle their water.” He added that there are no restrictions on “water days” for commercial washes either.   

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