Ultra concentrated car wash products have gained popularity over the past few years and for good reason. Operators are realizing the advantages ultra concentrated products provide. But to begin with, what does ultra concentrated mean?

Physical Limit vs. Practical Application

In formulating an ultra concentrated product, the physical limit is 100% active ingredients. But if that results in a product so thick it cannot be effectively applied, it does not meet with the practical application requirements. The balance between these two is achieved to meet the definition: An ultra concentrate is the maximum concentration of ingredients that results in a product that allows for a practical application of it.

Ultra concentrated products, when properly formulated, can perform as well or better than standard products.

Why would you want to use ultra concentrated products? To begin with, space savings. Ultra concentrated products in smaller containers mean less space is required to set up and store them. Moving the product is easier to handle than larger containers. Equipment rooms become less cluttered and more space is available for other uses.

Smaller, lighter containers make for a safer work environment. Lifting injuries can be avoided while protecting your employees.

Often referred to as sustainable packaging, these containers are easier to recycle and their size and weight make for a smaller carbon footprint due to delivery efficiencies and less needed packaging materials.

Some systems are designed so there is no residual product in spent containers. This results in no waste and a cost savings to you.

There is no need for special handling equipment so anyone can replenish product. You can inventory centrally and deliver to your own locations. You can also pick up product from your distributor or manufacturer.

The chemical manufacturer is using smaller containers and not shipping water which ultimately means a savings that can be passed on to you.

These advantages are the reasons why operators are turning to ultra concentrated products. These products create efficiencies that allow operators and their employees to focus on other business opportunities.

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