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Why you should get your leased vehicle detailed

DETROIT — A trip to get your leased vehicle detailed can save you a headache when you’re returning it, according to a Detail XPerts blog post.


DETROIT — It’s usually more pleasant to purchase a leased vehicle than it is to return it, according to a Detail XPerts blog post.       

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However, getting a vehicle detailed before you bring it back can save you some trouble. Detail XPerts has tips on why you should bring your leased car in for a detailing before returning it.

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For starters, you’re more likely to get your entire deposit back. The company may not give you the full amount of the deposit back if it’s not in nearly perfect condition.

Also, you can be penalized for excessive wear, and a good detailing may be able to prevent that.  

Building quality relations is a part of life, and if you return your vehicle in great condition, you’re improving your relationship with the company that leased the vehicle to you. This will also make it easier for you to return your rental for a new one.


If you’ve done a great job with your original vehicle, you’re going to have a smoother time getting a new one.

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The article also has more tips on why leased vehicles should be detailed before being returned.

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