WAYNE, N.J. — Rob Burke, owner of Wayne Auto Spa, has installed an energy-saving wind turbine on the business’ property after a long battle for approval with the township, according to northjersey.com.

The seven-foot turbine sits on a 42-foot pole, and Burke wants passers-by to notice it. He wants to start a conversation and educate others with the turbine, as well as save energy, said the article.

Burke’s fight for the turbine began in 2006. The town’s planning board rejected his application, and then the court approved it. After an appeal by the township, a settlement was reached in 2012, awarding Burke $220,000, explained the article.

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Since buying the carwash in 2005, Burke has made several energy-saving renovations. He has added solar panels to the roof, biodegradable soap and well water for the carwash, and waste oil from cars fuels furnaces, reported the article.

The turbine will meet about 5 percent of the business’ energy costs, stated the article. Burke expects to recoup the $25,000 installation cost in seven or eight years.

Burke also has chickens and a vegetable garden to feed women and children staying at Eva’s Village in a nearby town, noted the article.

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