With summer just ending it's hard to start thinking about the winter months already, but winter can sometimes come surprisingly early. September is the ideal month to start winterizing your car wash for the upcoming winter season. Here are some items to check to help you better be prepared for the winter months:

Make sure to check all operational equipment such as pumps, fittings, water lines, wash equipment, along with or anything that is essential to day-to-day business such as:

  • Doors – make sure they're sealed properly, and properly maintained to ensure freezing is not a factor
  • Check product lines going to the equipment for wear, cracks, fittings, and replace as needed
  • Check all moving parts
  • Check spray nozzles for optimal performance, be sure to size the nozzles correctly for best application and product usage
  • No visible leaks
  • Floor heat units – Safety issues as well as important to keep business operating
  • Proper and adequate insulation around pipes and tubing coming into bay
  • Bay and back room heaters working properly
  • Hot water (boilers) units are operating up to temperature
  • Weep systems are operating correctly
  • Check your chemical supply/inventory
  • Increase your capacity enough to be able to withstand the possibility that difficult weather could inhibit your ability to get deliveries in a timely basis
  • Be sure the bays and tunnels are clean with adequate lighting; dark and dingy washes are not inviting to the customer

One of the most common mistakes that operators make is waiting too long to winterize. Be sure that your wash is prepared and ready for the upcoming winter to prevent costly repairs and downtime.

From the Lustra Team — Keep Shining

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