WORTHINGTON, Minn. — Bob and Steve’s Shell Gas Station and Car Wash has eliminated it’s higher end washes to help conserve water, according to station KSFY.

There are water restrictions in Minnesota, which includes a current ban on at-home washing in Worthington, due to an incomplete Lewis and Clark water system, according to the article.

The wash has been given credit, the release notes, for spreading the word about water restrictions through signage.

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General Manager of Bob and Steve’s, Jesse Raudenbush, said "Our goal with operating the carwash has always been to give customers the best value we can. With this water conservation strategy, I think we still accomplish that goal but now it's not just a great value in dollars spent, it's giving the best value in gallons of water used."

The wash has lost some business, due to the elimination of its top two wash packages, but Raudenbush is glad to be supporting the community. "We have taken a hit on total revenue. Overall, people are ok with it. They get the lower price package, it's still does a nice job, so overall revenue is down but I believe we're washing the same amount of cars."

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