COLUMBUS, Ind. — According to, Ravon Tupac Tyeshawn Briggs was arrested for kidnapping a woman from a Blue Iguana Car Wash on Lewis and Clark Pkwy. in Clarksville, Indiana.

The woman told police she was parked near the vacuums at the carwash when Briggs, a stranger, came up to her and asked if she knew how to get to Indianapolis, the article continued.

She said he then demanded that she take him there, and because she thought he had a gun, she complied, the article noted.

She took him along Interstate 65 north towards Indianapolis, the article stated, and she later told family that the man seemed “out of it,” because he fell asleep soon after they were on the road.

After he fell asleep, the victim sent a text from her cell phone to a family member for help, the article noted.

While she continued driving, her family called the Clarksville police, who were able to put a ping on her cell phone, the article stated.

When the victim reached the 74-mile marker just north of Columbus, Indiana, Briggs woke up and told her to find a vending machine, the article added.

She pulled off the interstate at a rest stop and ran to a nearby neighborhood, where someone called 911, the article continued.

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Deputies met the victim soon afterwards, and they found Briggs inside the woman’s truck at the rest stop, the article noted.

Briggs was arrested, taken to jail and charged with criminal confinement and possession of marijuana, the article concluded.

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