Woman fights off robber at carwash
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Woman fights off robber at carwash

FORT MYERS, Fla. — According to www.winknews.com, someone attempted to steal a woman’s purse at Spot On Carwash and ended up attacking her to get it.

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The attack was caught on camera.

Surveillance shows that the woman was cleaning her car when a man suddenly walks up behind her, pulls her out of the car and shoves her to the ground.

They fight for the purse, but she refuses to let go.

The woman kicks him while he continues to pull the purse away from her.

The purse strap breaks, and both manage to get off the ground, but the woman still retains hold of her purse.

The man threatens her again and then walks away.

“Hats off to her,” said Bob Haley, owner of Spot On Carwash in south Fort Myers. “She didn’t give it up, and she wanted to fight, so he ended up taking off like the loser that he really is.”


When Haley got the call about the attack, he was angry.

“What goes through the mind of somebody like this, not right to begin with, you’re picking on a woman and someone half your size. I’m pretty proud of her,” Haley said of the woman for fighting back.

Haley is offering a $1,000 reward from his own money to find the suspect.

“You know, she’s a good person, certainly doesn’t deserve a thug like this,” he added.

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