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Belanger, Inc.

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Belanger, Inc.® is a car wash equipment manufacturer with products for conveyorized tunnels, in-bay automatics, fleets and large vehicle washes. Our SpinLite® tunnel car wash system with ShineMitt® media delivers “Better Than Hand Washed” cleaning results customers will immediately notice and appreciate. And, Spinlite®’s illuminated, color-changing, slow-spinning wash wheels provide a unique experience that will bring customers back. Building on the Spinlite® foundation of customer experience and cleaning performance, our new soft-touch in-bay automatic, the Cube®, provides operators with exciting new choices for their customers. For operators looking for a touchless in-bay solution, we offer the Kondor® and Saber® touchless automatics, which feature illuminated, color-changing wash arms for a similarly impressive customer experience. And, all Belanger® lighted equipment offers Active Site Marketing®, cycling six colors to promote your wash, 24/7/365. Contact Shane Morgan at (248) 640-0543 for more information.

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