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Wash Talk Ep. 153: Buying groups: strength in numbers

Host Rich DiPaolo catches up with Chuck Howard and Carl Howard of Autobell Car Wash to discuss the benefits of joining a buying group.  

Wash Talk Ep. 152: Adding EV chargers to your business offering

Host Rich DiPaolo and guest Richard Cooper discuss the potential and growing need of EV chargers for carwash and detail businesses.

Wash Talk Ep. 151: ZIPS Car Wash’s Car Wash Convos series

Rich DiPaolo is joined by Mark Youngworth of ZIPS Car Wash to discuss ZIPS’ community-focused approach through strategic partnerships.

Wash Talk Ep. 150: Discussing PE and more with Autobell’s leadership

On this episode of Wash Talk, host Rich DiPaolo catches up with Chuck Howard and Carl Howard of Autobell Car Wash.

Wash Talk Ep. 149: Are you a SmartOperator?

In this episode, Michael O’Donnell of Smart Solutions discusses how technology is transforming the carwash industry.

Wash Talk Ep. 148: Catching up with Matthews Real Estate Investment Services

Beryl Grant and Clay Smith of Matthews Real Estate Investment Services discuss recent news and market trends.

Wash Talk Ep. 147: Are You Considering Selling?

Rich DiPaolo speaks with Harry Caruso of Car Wash Advisory about what carwash operators need to know if they are considering selling their business.

Wash Talk Ep. 146: Exec. Series — Mammoth Holdings

Dave Hoffmann discusses some factors operators should consider before moving forward with selling their carwashes.

Wash Talk Ep. 145: Acquiring vs. Building Carwashes: 2023 Update

Rich DiPaolo discusses the benefits of building and buying carwashes and more with Harry Caruso of Car Wash Advisory.

Wash Talk Ep. 144: The State of Carwash Operator M&A in 2023

Are mergers and acquisitions still going to be hot?

Wash Talk Ep. 143: Exec. Series — Shore Corp.

Do you need to know chemistry to run a wash?

Wash Talk: Happy Holidays from PC&D

Our host makes a special announcement.