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Extrutech Plastics, Inc.

Location: 5902 West Custer St. Manitowoc, WI 54220
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Extrutech Plastics, Inc. is an American manufacturer of Interlocking Liner Panels in its 28th year, manufacturing bright white wall and ceiling panels that install quickly with no exposed fasteners, providing a bright, smooth, easy-to-clean surface. Liner panels are available in 12-inch, 16-inch and 24-inch widths, cut-to-the-inch lengths up to 20 feet, have Class A rating for smoke and flame and have a 20-year warranty. We also produce stay-in-place concrete structural wall Form Panels 6 inches and 8 inches thick, 24 inches wide and in lengths up to 20 feet; a strong, corrosion-resistant Partition Wall Panel; and personnel doors for all your building needs.


Meet Extrutech Plastics

Brighten your bays with Extrutech wall panels.


Stay-in-Place Concrete Wall FORM System

Extrutech's FORM System is a “stay-in-place” concrete form for poured structural walls. It is a quick-setup, pre-cut system that provides a smooth, non-porous, easy-to-clean, finished concrete structural wall, ideal for high moisture areas. This durable, long-lasting system is designed for ease of construction, sanitation and maintenance, making it a labor saver for both the contractor and the owner. This FORM system is made up of snap together, 6"- or 8"-thick by 2'-wide panels with cut-to-the-inch lengths up to 20’ that make for quick installation. This concrete wall FORM system offers a non-porous, pre-finished, bright white surface on both sides, reducing finishing and installation time while providing an easy to clean solid structural wall.

Partition Wall System

The Extrutech Plastics Partition Wall Panel (P224) allows numerous design options. It has a wall thickness of 2.25", which allows for an insulation option that provides a (R-10). Cut-to-the-inch panel lengths or based on your requirements, with door and window cut-out options. This user-friendly panel also allows for easy field cuts if needed, and its tongue-and-groove design makes for quick installation. The Partition Wall Panel (P224) is a rigid 2.25"-thick by 24"-wide with lengths up to to 20'. This smooth wall panel has a bright white, glossy surface on both sides that provides that fresh clean appearance. This panel is waterproof, will never rust, rot, corrode or fade; it is easy to clean and ideal for corrosive or high-moisture areas where daily sanitation is critical and can also be used to reduce general moisture, dust control or limit area access.

Interlocking Liner Panels

Extrutech Plastics' Interlocking Liner Panels and trims for walls and ceilings are ideal for high-moisture areas and have a glossy, bright white, non-porous surface that quickly sheds water. It was the first and is the only plastic interlocking panel of this design and made in the U.S. with 100 percent virgin exterior-grade polymer. These wall and ceiling panels have a tongue-and-groove design that makes installation quick and easy with no exposed fasteners. Liner panels are available in 12", 16", 24" widths, cut-to-the-inch lengths up to 20', have Class A rating for smoke and flame and have a 20-year limited warranty.

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