Prentice St Clair, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Detailing during a pandemic

Know the terms and establish safe cleaning protocols.

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Ask an Expert: How to remove marks from a car after applying wax

Question: Is there any way to remove swirl marks from a vehicle after wax has already been applied? One detailing expert weighs in.

Chemistry fundamentals for interior detailing

Learn some interior detailing tips and tricks for optimal results.

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Battling pet hair

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Take the frustration out of this interior detailing task with the right tools and techniques.

Interior detailing tips and tricks

This is a complex operation that requires multiple steps.

The strong cleaning power of dry vapor steam

SAN DIEGO —This equipment’s low water content helps to avoid damp mats and carpets.

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Earning profits in 15 minutes or less

Express detailing is a quick, yet efficient, service sure to bring in revenue.

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New innovation in interior express detailing

An industrial-grade dry vapor steam machine has strong cleaning power but low water content, helping to avoid damp mats and carpets.

Using a surface prep device as an express service

A surface contamination removal device makes express service practical.

Common express detailing services

Find out what is on express detailing menus across the country.

To wax by hand or machine?

Know the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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New innovations in exterior express detailing

Every service is not right for an express detail package. How do you decide whether to offer these packages?