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Equipment financing: Loan vs. Lease

Learn how carwash operators can reduce costs, improve efficiency and stay competitive by financing new equipment, exploring the benefits and key differences between Equipment Leases and Conventional Bank Loans.

Fixing your future with the SBA 504 Refinance Program

Carwash operators can leverage this program to save big money.

Building a bridge loan

Who needs a rainbow when you have a bridge?

Explaining the SBA 504 Green Loan Program

The secret to financing multiple wash projects with low-rate SBA loans.

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A lender’s perspective: the glass is half empty

Lenders may be pessimistic, but being prepared can fill the glass in your favor.

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3 carwash equipment financing options

What to choose: loans, leases or finance agreements?

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Avoiding the big bank shuffle

Break away from competitors with smart lending strategies.

Building business
Carwash equipment financing: Loan versus lease

When it comes to financing carwash equipment, it’s critical to know your options.

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