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Legend By Belanger™ Builds On A Proud Tunnel Wash Tradition

The Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Wash Series pays homage to the history and carries on the legacy of Belanger’s 55 years as an innovative vehicle wash force.

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Since the company’s founding in 1969, Belanger, Inc., Northville MI, has built a reputation as a leading innovator in the conveyorized tunnel wash space by consciously taking a collaborative approach to wash design and operation. By using the suggestions of its customers to craft industry-leading tunnel wash systems, Belanger has been able to reliably and consistently satisfy its one overriding end-goal: produce vehicle wash systems that result in satisfied drivers that help the businesses of its vehicle wash partners flourish.

This 55-year commitment is reflected in the “Legend By Belanger Tunnel Wash Series,” which takes Belanger’s proven history of tunnel wash innovation and success and makes it available to vehicle wash operators, regardless of operating model. The foundation of the Legend By Belanger series is Belanger’s legacy as the first vehicle wash company to develop a soft-touch tunnel wash system more than 50 years ago. This legacy of innovation is reflected in the ensuing decades of accumulated engineering know-how and experience that enable Belanger to continue to develop vehicle wash innovations that no other company can match. This innovative drive and commitment is manifested in the company’s 150-plus U.S. vehicle wash patents.

Every Legend By Belanger wash system possesses a number of common features and benefits, all of which have been proven over many years of successful implementation to contribute to a system that is reliable, robust and ready to meet the specific needs of demanding vehicle wash owners and operators and their customers:

  • Structural components constructed of aircraft-grade, non-corrosive aluminum
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Automotive-grade bearings
  • Lube-free pivot points
  • Choice of electric or hydraulic operation
  • The widest conveyor (14 feet, 5 inches) on the market
  • Easy access to entrance area of conveyor
  • Zero grease points on the X458 chain
  • No tools required to replace a dolly
  • Curved guardrail corners that reduce the risk of vehicles jumping the rails
  • More structural strength via the use of three uprights vs. two for competitive systems
  • Minimal maintenance and easy servicing

All of these features and benefits combine to not only produce a reliable wash system, but they enable the wash operator to craft one that appeals to the senses of the driver, who is looking for a safe, efficient and memorable wash experience – and one that results in the delivery of a reliably clean vehicle as it exits the wash bay. In this vein, all Legend By Belanger wash components are designed around flexible wash-configuration models that enable the creation of a wash solution that best meets the needs of wash operators and their customers.

Every Legend By Belanger wash system is fully customizable according to the needs of the wash operator, with Belanger offering a wide range of ancillary equipment options that can take wash performance to the next level, including:

  • DuraTrans® XDW Conveyor: This patented conveyor is the industry’s most advanced  and offers the most complete features and operator-friendly functionality while protecting the vehicle from damage
  • Prep Jet System Prep Wash: Allows the use of two gun wands to prep the vehicle at the tunnel entrance for maximum pre-cleaning performance, even in high-throughput environments
  • MiniFlex Top Washer: A dedicated horizontal surface washer that excels at cleaning hoods, roofs and trunk lids, all while providing an exceedingly quiet wash experience
  • QuickFire SureShot Side Washer: The industry’s only front, side and rear wraparound technology with the capability to wash 200 vehicles an hour while eliminating coverage dead spots that can result in “skunk striping”
  • DuraShiner® CVBR Tire Dresser: A fully programmable tire shiner that is unmatched in its application quality and low rate of chemical usage with soft-tipped brushes
  • DuoScrubber® Wheel Cleaner: Designed to clean tires, wheels and the vehicle’s lower body in just five feet of tunnel space, allowing the operator to remove space-wasting rocker brushes and tire scrubbers from the system
  • AutoTowel by Belanger: Uses next-generation vacuum technology to produce a completely dry car without saturating the drying media so that “the last car of the day is as dry as the first car of the day”
  • AirCannon Dryers: Engineered with the latest in energy-efficient and inherently safe drying technology with availability in a broad range of design and horsepower configurations

Finally, the Legend By Belanger tunnel wash system benefits from being a product brand within OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions. Founded in 2019 when OPW acquired Belanger and teamed it with in-bay automatic vehicle wash system stalwart PDQ Manufacturing, which marks 40 years in business in 2024, OPW VWS strives to be recognized as the industry’s leading single-source provider of end-to-end wash solutions for every bay, tunnel and budget in the world.

To that end, OPW has continued adding members to the OPW VWS family. Kesseltronics, founded in 1984 and acquired in 2000 by OPW’s parent company, the Dover Corporation, is a leader in cloud-based vehicle wash equipment management and control systems. In 2021, OPW VWS added Innovative Control Systems® (ICS) to the team. For more than 40 years, ICS has been a recognized pioneer in the development of vehicle wash point-of-sale payment terminals, on-site signage and business-management software. And most recently, OPW purchased the Transchem Group. Transchem, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024, is one of the largest suppliers of cleaning, water treatment/reclamation and site-management solutions for the vehicle wash industry, with its TurtleWax Pro® one of the industry’s most recognizable brand names.

This makes the Legend By Belanger Tunnel Wash Series a star player in a strong, collaborative lineup that successfully positions OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions as the only manufacturer that can team integrated payment and management solutions and leading wash chemistries with a stable of best-in-class tunnel and in-bay automatic wash systems, creating a supplier that addresses every unique need of its clients.

Sponsored by OPW – Belanger.

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